Troparion (hymn) of St. Silin, Bishop of Meifod Tone 8

Exchanging wealth and position for the treasures of poverty and solitude on Bardsey, O Father Silin,/ thou didst prepare thyself to preach the Gospel to the Bretons,/ by which labour many were brought to Christ./ Intercede for us, O Saint, that we too may renounce worldly pomp/ and attain the heavenly rewards of those whose souls are saved.

The troparion of St Silin can only be found on various websites, and there seems to be no documentation other than online. This suggests it is modern, and written with reference to the various texts available about St Silin.

The troparion originally has a striking error, and reads: 'Exchanging wealth and position for the treasures of poverty and solitude in Anglesey'.

The reference to Anglesey appears to have been sourced from The Lives of the Saints, that tells of St Silin (Sulien) crossing into Anglesey to Bardsey. Bardsey isn't in Anglesey, but is an island off the Llyn Peninsular!

The troparion for St. Silin seems to have been written using this story, as it mentions exchanging wealth for poverty - a reference to him possibly being a prince.  The Book of the Saints reference to Silin being a "hermit in an island off the coast of Anglesey" was probably copied from The Lives of the Saints. There is possibly some confusion here with Ynys Seiriol (Puffin Island), which lies of the east coast of Anglesey, and has the remains of an early monastic settlement.