There is another saint of the same time by the name of Sulian, who lives in Cornwall.
He is not to be confused with Saint Silin (Sulian) of Meifod.


Our Sunday Visitor's encyclopedia of saints
 By Matthew Bunson, Margaret Bunson, Stephen Bunson

Silin (d. sixth century) Saint venerated traditionally in Brittany but who is known almost exclusively through legends. Also called Sulian and Selin, he founded an abbey in Cornwall, England.
Feast day: July 29.


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St. Sulian (Silin) of Cornwall

6th century. Saint Sulian may be identical with the Breton Saint Sulien of Cornouaille and Domonée. He was the founder and abbot, but not the patron, of Luxulyan in Cornwall. There is considerable, but understandable, confusion between Sulian and another Saint Sulinus of East Brittany and the Welsh Saint Tysilio (Suliau). There appears to be three separate saints (Farmer).